Hula Hooping Classes in Birmingham

Spinsonic Circus runs termly hula hoop classes in Birmingham and around the West Midlands. Booking open soon!

The sessions will be suitable for beginners and intermediates  – we will adapt the moves to your level.  For beginners you will learn to hoop on different parts of your body – even your elbow (!) – and you will learn some off body moves, and how to transition between on and off body.
For intermediates, we will see where you are at the moment, work on any moves you are struggling with, and extend your repertoire, working some fancy transitions and  flourishes in with some new moves and old.  We will work on combining moves keeping flow in mind.
Your instructor is Rachel, an experienced hula hoop teacher and performer.  She can get anyone hula hooping! Her favourite moment is when someone hesitantly takes a hula hoop, saying that they can’t do it and are nervous about looking silly – and then in a few minutes, having got the right sized hoop and a few pointers, they are grinning their face off, shouting ‘I can do it!’ head high, shoulders back, not wanting to stop!
If you are worried you can’t do it, but really would like to  – just do it! You won’t regret it.
The class is aimed at over 16s, although if participants are accompanied by a parent and are able to participate in the class fully, they are more than welcome.  Under 10s would probably find it too difficult/too much like hard work though! Spaces are limited due to space, so booking in advance is recommended.